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Family Counseling

Families are sacred. A beautiful connection of unique individuals brought together by love and blood. However, sometimes the uniqueness of each individual creates differences that can overstretch and threaten the very existence of the family unit. As the family grows and transforms, the individuals that make it also change in terms of needs, goals and values which if not handled carefully can sometimes create a space for conflict that results in depression, anxiety or anger.

I believe that life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you react. Therefore I work towards dealing with these issues that are in most times inevitable to ensure that conflict is resolved with families remaining intact, happy and prosperous. With a team approach in mind, appreciating everyone’s opinion, value and need, I navigate to the core of the issues, removing barriers to healthy communications geared towards reestablishing clear expectations and roles around family members.

With family therapy sessions, my goal is not just to help resolve the “surface” conflict but rather flush out the underlying issues that most of the family members are afraid to bring to light. Together we create a safe platform where each family member can express their true self and feelings without fear of judgment. I do this by using different approaches to help build safety and trust with each of the members and to avoid feeling “ganged up on”. We work together step by step to help each family appreciate who they are and their role in the development of the family as well as acknowledge the beauty of the family members’ diversity that creates the beautiful and complete unit we call the family.

I also understand that there are lines that we cross that feel almost impossible to remedy.

For instance, in a case of a separated family, we do not try to mend a wall but instead we find a respectful way to work with your ex partners to rebuild a healthier more sustainable environment. And for those looking forward to moving on, during

these sessions we create networks with

other families and I pride myself of having

been able to create blended families successfully.

The family is built to create a unit of joy, support and love creating a healthy environment for the development of each member individually and as a unit. 

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