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Sometimes, it is not always practical or possible to meet a therapist in person for face-to-face counseling. And for some of us we may not feel comfortable or safe venturing outside of our comfort zone. This is an opportunity to still receive the help you need in the most time friendly, affordable, accessible and comfortable way for you.


Why e-Counseling?

Immediacy: e-counseling allows you to reach out to me in the very moment you feel you need to speak to me. You don’t have to wait for our next appointment or suppress any feelings or experiences you may be having. You also have the convenience of using your smart phone, computer or laptop to write me an extensive account of what is happening with you. This thorough and real time account of your experience gives me a deeper understanding of what is going on and helps us to move quicker through the process. I then respond within a 24 - 72 hour time frame. Depending on availability and urgency.

Affordability: For a monthly fee, you can reach out to me online with unlimited access without a session. What that means is you can email, text or voice message me as often as you like. I will respond in a timely manner. We can also set appointments to chat online together.

Visual Record: Having a written record of our exchanges can be advantageous to review our work together or use as a guide when you are feeling stuck.

You set the pace! It also allows for you to take the time you need to gather your thoughts and get clear on what you would like to say. This can benefit those of us who flood easily or shut down. e-Counseling is a great tool for individuals who are visual and experiential learners. You have the time and space to learn in your own unique way.


Creativity: You will have the chance to express yourself in a more creative way that is not always tapped into during face-to-face interactions. Your creativity and mine define the boundaries here.

I believe that e-counseling is a great option for getting help, however I do not think it is a replacement for face-to-face counseling. They each offer unique healing opportunities that can help you on your healing journey. Please choose the best option for you!


*Modes of communication include messaging and email.

**Online mechanisms of communication may not be HIPPA compliant.  I will always do my best to protect your privacy and offer encrypted  services when possible.

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Jenifer Piegaro
Psychotherapist - Netherlands & Globally
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