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A Brief Word About Fees…

Counseling and coaching are an investment into yourself, your family, career and your future! Investing in yourself will lead to you becoming healthier and happier, with healing geared for a lifetime! Investing in counseling/coaching is a long-term investment in the quality of your life, health, family and overall well-being. Peace of mind? Can’t buy it anywhere because it’s … priceless!

What Is The Cost Of Counseling or Coaching?

I see clients on a fee-for-service cash basis in 55 minute increments. My fees are typical for psychotherapist and coaches based on my services, education level and years of experience.

  • Due to the expansive international populations I work with fees vary

    • Please contact me directly to discuss my fees 

Can You Get Counseling or Coaching And Pay Less?

Of course! But like anything else in life, I believe that you get what you pay for. I provide counseling – and wisdom – based on decades of practice and practical life experience. I am practical, professional and an experienced therapist. My fee allows me to be available outside of sessions to assist you when you are feeling stuck. My clients often tell me that this is a new experience for them because their previous therapist were not as accessible. 


Do You Take Insurance?

I do not take insurance. I am a cash only provider


What Is Your Payment Policy?


I collect the full fee the day of service through credit/debit card, HSA/FSA card.


I do not bill for services or carry account balances. As an additional convenience, payment may also be made through my billing software company via secured email.


Client will be responsible for any fees associated with a return check. I reserve the right to negotiate payment for any services outside the normal session. This may include but is not limited to court documentation, reports, appearances, phone calls etc.

What Is Your Cancellation/No Show Policy?

Unexpected things happen and sometimes it’s impossible to keep an appointment. If you cannot keep your appointment, I require at least 24-hours’ advance notice. You will be responsible for a cancellation fee if you:

(a) give less than 24-hours’ notice 


(b) fail to arrive for your appointment at all. The no show fee must be paid before or at the time of your next scheduled appointment. Remember, your time was reserved especially for you and a no show appointment delays our work together


(c) are experiencing an emergency or sudden illness at which point I will consider waiving the fee

What Is Your Policy on Lateness & Attendance?

Please message if you know you are running late. If you arrive late for your scheduled appointment, you will receive treatment for the remaining time. If the schedule permits, some accommodation may be possible. After 15 minutes, with no communication, your time slot will be forfeit. 

Because this office holds a time for your session, you are essentially promising to fulfill that slot. If you exceed a cancellation rate of 1 cancellation or higher each month, consistently, you will receive a written notice that your slot is in jeopardy. This policy includes non-emergency and vacation cancellations unless we agree in advance.


Jenifer Piegaro
Psychotherapist - Netherlands & Globally
Coach - U.S.A. & Globally

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