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Child Counseling

Infants - Toddlers - Adolescents - Teenagers

Children and parents seek me out for help for a variety of reasons. I work with behavior problems, overcoming abuse or trauma, anger issues, defiance, self-esteem, blended families, divorce, autism, self-harm, suicidal thoughts or intentions – to name a few.


Working with your child is an honor I truly enjoy. I appreciate the role I play in the child’s life and the vulnerability a parent feels giving me access to their child/children. Respect is very important to me in regards to the parent’s role. I share as much as the child allows me with the parents throughout the process and try to make the experience as fluid and transparent as possible. I balance protecting the child’s truth with keeping the parents informed so we can take a team approach to healing.


What I have found works for me is being direct and “keeping it real” with kids. There is lots of room for laughter and play in between the hard stuff. My virtual space becomes theirs during our sessions and I honor whatever direction they need to take to get the work done. This leaves lots of room for creativity and spontaneity for kids of all ages, even you adults.


My goal in working with children is to bring the parents and siblings in at times to expand the healing dynamic into the home. I find this speeds up the healing process and creates consistency to allow for more familiarity and continuity of growth. This dynamic also makes space for the parents to learn from their child directly what works and doesn’t work for them. It opens the dialogue with the adults and children to negotiate needs from all perspectives. Parents have a voice here to express their needs, wants and concerns to build respect and trust with their relationship with their children. This process can be very enlightening for both the children and the parents.


Yet not every child will want their parents to be a part of the process. Our sessions become a safe sanctuary for the child to explore their feelings and work through whatever burdens them without exposure. In these situations, I honor the child’s needs and do my best to help break down the barriers within the child and teach them to speak to their own wants and needs at home.


I take great pleasure in teaching children how to identify their feelings and emotions while learning how to speak to their needs in a honest and respectful way. This becomes the backbone to the work we do. My intention is to give children the tools to use in life for healthier communication and self-awareness.

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